MegaMan – New Amiibo Incoming

Appears Nintendo have slipped one under the radar today (and I’m probably one of the first to report it by the looks of it!) as it appears there’s a new Megaman amiibo on it’s way to retail..
I suspect this will be released in conjunction with the awaited Smash Bros game on Switch later this year and Megaman 11, although at present a Japan exclusive.. this 30th Anniversary companion is no doubt going to make it’s way to other shores soon.001

Chris Thacker

Author: Chris

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2 thoughts on “MegaMan – New Amiibo Incoming

  1. I wonder what the new functionality of it will be, and will it be better than the previous mega man amiibo that’s out right now. I like collecting things especially when they’re useful in my games, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be picking this up whenever it’s released. Did you pick up the megaman collections that came out recently?

    1. Both of them, and playing ironically through Megaman 8 right now..
      You know the voice acting isn’t as annoying as I expected it to be.. not great… but not annoying!
      I do wonder if the amiibo will work similar to the Mario Odessey and Zelda releases, allowing for a random power up per day on activation, maybe double damage…

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