Megaman 11 demo out now on Switch, Xbox and PS4

Capcom has dropped the Megaman 11 demo available to download now on Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.

Mega Man 11’s demo however only offers a single level from the final game, which is the pyramid stage that’s been shown off numerous times during the PR material that been sent out over the course of the year. That’s not to say it isn’t good (it’s bloody great!) but I would’ve expected at least 2 stages to give us a choice of level and sense of variety which is what the games are built on. We do get a teaser into Mega Man’s new double gear system that’s been showcased in the last update, and of course there’s the boss, which feels so good, it should have been one of the originals!
Add to this the Megaman challenge which Capcom are running right now, which tasks players with completing the demo to bring the boss statue down brick by brick. Should enough players do this, Capcom have promised a bunch of one-off consumable gifts will be made available to players.
If you have a spare 10mins this weekend and fancy revisiting an old favourite, this is worthy of a download in preparation for the full game release!

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