Mega CD classic ‘Double Switch’ coming to PS4 and Steam!

This is the masterpiece of the ‘trap-em-up’ genre (yes I’m determined to make that phrase catch on!) Previous exclusive to the MegaCD, Saturn and PC (although there was an Android demo made a while back) and it seems only fitting that Screaming Villains, who brought back Digital Pictures’ full-motion video game, Night Trap, to consoles and PC, should do the honours of converting it’s cousin. The game is scheduled to arrive on PC and PlayStation 4 starting on December 11, with a special physical release of the PS4 version being planned by Limited Run Games, which again will sell out in 3-4 mins like last time then…..

The game stars Corey Haim (yep, him from ‘The Lost Boys’) as Eddie, who’s trapped in his basement home thanks to the Janitor, who recruit’s you by tying your home system into the apartment complex’s network to enable you to control the cameras and the inbuilt ‘security system’. But similar to Night Trap, this isn’t going to be a simple surveillance game as mobsters are running wild looking to take out the tenants and only you can stop them before they can injure the innocent, or worse, switch off the power and your only link.
Unlike it’s predecessor, you can set multiple traps ready for execution against either tennents or the unwanted guests, but be careful as setting up too many will overload the system and you’ll be tripped out for a few precious seconds, which could impact you in serious ways.
But before all that you need to get Eddie out by working out the unlock code (which randomises each playthrough) Good luck!
The game is expands as you progress, with more unlockable traps for each apartment becoming available, the longer you last, and the finale… well that’d be spoiling!
Now as for the physical release by Limited Run Games, well it looks like the Night Trap nightmare of trying to obtain a copy (until it finally came to digital!) may have been vanquished as you’ll be able to pre-order it here on November 2nd. And since the ‘Double Switch’ releases ties in with its 25th anniversary, I suspect a few more digital pictures releases may be on the cards. Currently my money would be on ‘Ground Zero Texas’ being the next, although ‘Sewer Shark’ was stunning on the 3DO and would look amazing with the right clean-up!
Hat’s off to Screaming Villains for all their remastering work they’ve done so far with these game, as they are finally fulfilling the legacy of what the aborted ‘Nemo’ Console would’ve looked like back in the late 80s.

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