Mario Kart Tour: Kamek Makes his Racing Debut with the Kamek Tour

No longer sitting on the sidelines.

First planned as a playable character for Mario Kart 64, but swapped out for the lovable Donkey Kong, and then having associated files found in Mario Kart 8, Kamek hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to making his racing debut, but all of that is set to change. With the latest tour now available, the Kamek Tour actually adds Kamek as a playable character, so for those who are lucky enough to obtain him, we wish you the best of luck, because a racer such as Kamek deserves to see plenty of action, after all these years.

A trailer showcasing the latest trailer for Mario Kart Tour can be seen here:

Kamek’s vehicle of choice is the newly added Zoom Broom, with Kamek’s special skill being the Coin Box.

Source: Nintendo Mobile (YouTube)

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