Mario Kart Tour adds a New Skill with its Latest Tour

Just in time for Autumn.

With Mario Kart Tour still celebrating its second anniversary, details have started to come in for the mobile application’s latest tour.

With a new skill teased yesterday, said to be a classic item making its tour in Mario Kart Tour, the power-up in question is the Super Leaf, an item which when touched by Mario, causes the heroic plumber to transform into Tanooki Mario, (also known as Raccoon Mario.)

As for its purpose in Mario Kart Tour, the skill is said to belong to a “new character” who will make their precense known as part of the upcoming Autumn Tour. A video of the upcoming tour, which adds Maple Treeway from Mario Kart Wii, can be seen here:

Source: @mariokarttourEN (Twitter)

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