Mao Mao Castle – AsobiTech’s genius shines through

This game….. this game.. is mental!!

I don’t mean that in a bad way, I haven’t experienced anything quite as colourful and crazy as this since Kao’s Flying Squadron back on my Mega-CD. Which I have played to death to the point of always choosing stage 8 as my favourite. This mini beast of a game may have had only one member working on it for 6 years, but the pure passion and love of the genre oozes out of every stage and was a joy to play even for someone like me who can’t bloody stand Space Harrier!
The control system is nothing more that an IR camera from what I could gather, with calibration being very easily achieved, and a simple clench of my fist beginning the game. holding a flat palm out, you control Mao Mao through the valley collecting rainbows for points galore at the start, moving onto mowing the grass for a second stage, before dodging columns in the 3rd act. To say you feel cocky playing this within the first few seconds is an understatement, with the motion controls perfectly matching my movements at each point. Putting immediately to shame 90% of the Kinect’s offerings from the get go, and making me wonder why no-one in the years of development for the white elephant have a conversation around placing that damn camera on its side for once and trying a different approach.
It’s that cocky approach you get playing this, thinking you’re a natural that screws you over one the difficulty ramps up, a mere 30-40 secs into the game with column dodging checkerboard style occurring alongside a feeling that the game pace has suddenly turned up and what once was a casual ‘I can grab everything’ turns into a ‘HOW THE F*CK DO I AVOID… NO… NO…. NOOOOOO…BANG… SMASH… GAMEOVER’ as everything you learned in mere seconds comes colliding into one stage with no mercy to your eyesight, dexterity or skill.
Meanwhile, you’ll be humming one of the most catchiest chip-tracks eager to take another bite to beat your last high score.
I love it!
Check out AsobiTech’s YouTube channel here or for more info head to the website at

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