Luigi’s Mansion Resurrected for 3DS

Okay…. it’s not the version I was hoping for, but i’ll still take it! As the GameCube classic, Luigi’s Mansion has been announced as heading to 3DS 19th October. Allowing for a warm up to this years Halloween hijinks.
Right now with only a video to view, it does look like the 3DS edition has made a cracking job of living up to the original Gamecube game keeping everything intact in the vintage launch title gem, while remaining familiar to those who played it’s sequel a few years back.
The original Game, which was developed for the GameCube by Nintendo EAD back in 2001, allowed players to control Luigi as he took centre stage exploring  the rooms of a haunted mansion on the hunt for ghosts with nothing more than Professor E.Gadds modified vacuum cleaner / ghostbusting modded machine, while looking for Mario. Although short, there were a number of memorable scenes and the sheer genius and simplicity of the control mechanic gave it the replay appeal to beat your previous high score and pimp out that gallery.

Chris Thacker

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