Limbo makes its first steps to the C64

Playdead’s monochrome platformer ‘Limbo’ was an amazing hit in 2011 first launching with xbox before being ported to everything else, with taxing puzzles and a thirst for killing our young hero at every interval, it’s chapters and secrets were pure magic to play through.
So it’s a surprise that someone has taken the ambition to port this over to the C64, and yet.. here we have a first preview of what the developer is aiming for with the available download here.
The Limbo C64 preview is a work in progress version by Søren Trautner Madsen and has been made available as download by Excess. Oh and before you think that a cease and desist will be coming soon, Playdead have actually given their full blessing to this development! The only downside.. given the time it’s taken the team to produce the work so far, they don’t expect the full game to be completed until 2024 (*cries*).
This will stay on the radar as I’ll be keen to see how this develops, but until then at least we can get a taste of what’s to come for our C64 /C64Mini’s!

Chris Thacker

Author: Chris

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