Legendary C64 Composer Ben Daglish passes away..

It’s horrible when one of our childhood heroes passes away, I can list many from stage and small screen that have had an impact on me in my younger years, and who’s work still influences me to this day.
While I grew up with an Amstrad CPC 464 during my younger years, looking over with occasional jealousy at the Spectrum owners who got great games usually for a £1 cheaper than my machine, and with often titles I wish had been ported over, the C64 never really got a look in on my radar until the late 80s where one of my friends unveiled he’d been hiding a dark secret.. It’s that point where I understood the SID chip and how the audio just seemed better on a machine I often thought was an ‘also ran’.
Some of the greatest tunes on that system turned out to be thanks to one guy, Ben Daglish, a true pioneer of the 8bit world and in many ways seemed to be like a boy genius in the way he crafted a few simple channels into tracks that made it onto games like ‘Deflektor’, ‘Trap’, ‘Krakout’, and the awesome ‘The Last Ninja’.
I really wish I could say I knew the guy having spent so long in the retro community, but alas our paths never crossed, and even though I witnessed the SID80s perform once, there are so many questions I would have loved to have asked Ben into his inspiration for his music, how his creation process takes shape and direct influences, etc. It’s also at this time I cannot say enough how appreciative I am (and I’m sure many others are) that Ben’s wife Sarah has taken a few minutes to pen these kind words to everyone.
There was no need to do this straight away in the private moments the family have right now, and so I urge anyone who has stories, memories, photo’s to contribute to this email address. There are kids here that may not fully understand their dad’s impact on the world and I’m sure they would love a scrapbook of memories to treasure in the future day’s/month’s/year’s to keep his memory close to their hearts.
God Speed Ben. The community loved you and your work more than you could ever know.

Chris Thacker

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