Joe and Mac Caveman Ninja returning to a system near you

review-joeandmacgen-big-3Remember those Caveman Ninjas (Joe & Mac), ah you do! In my opinion from playing their game during the heyday of the Sega/Nintendo 8bit and 16bit console wars, they had more of an appeal than Chuck Rock, but never had the investment..
But I digress, after all it doesn’t matter if you played this classic on your Gameboy or went full out and argued if either the Megadrive of Super Nintendo version was the superior version against your mates. That ninja double act are coming back, and this time you can re-live it all again on the Xbox one / PS4 / Switch come 31st May.
joe-mac-caveman-ninja_13Flying Tiger Entertainment, are the guys n gals bringing this together. so grab your club, get your bushskirt on and head into a wild ride of prehistoric adventure fighting against dinosaurs and rival cavemen with a host of stone-age weapons (and some not so..) all to ensure the safety of your girlfriends.
Presume this’ll be the last time they take them ‘clubbing’ then.

Chris Thacker

Author: Chris

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