It Appears Nintendo Switch Is Getting YouTube Support Next Week

Nintendo Switch is nearing it’s two year anniversary!, And yet even now it’s still missing some of the key video apps that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners have been spoiled with since the early days. But just because the big N likes to remain a tight grip on it’s ecosystem doesn’t mean it hasn’t listened to it’s fans who want more accessibility from the hybrid console, and it’s looking more likely that November will see them bring back a demanded app to the front menu once more, namely… YouTube.
Earlier today, Nintendo’s official website indicated that YouTube would be launching on the eShop in the first week of November. Ironically, the page is currently inaccessible right now, but does come up within the “you might also like…” section if you browse the site.. Further digging on this front indicates a November 8 release date, which would mean that support for the app would arrive on Thursday of next week. Joy!

Chris Thacker

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