Is a PlayStation Mini on the cards?

With every man and there dog now jumping on the retro hardware bandwagon it seems only fitting everyone’s leading hardware manufacturer, Sony would be considering jumping the fire as well. Current reports indicate that a revival of the PlayStation One console is on the cards, and could well be revealed this year.
That source is SIE president Takeshi Kodera. His translated tweet reads, “Our company is always digging up past assets, and I think there are various ways to do it. There have been discussions happening (in the company) on what kind of ways there are.”
A revival of the PS One would be great for gamers to relive those past gaming glory’s, especially given the price of the retro market for games. The console would probably sell well too. There is also the possibility that Sony might just bake full backward compatibility into the PS5, to rival Microsoft’s current tour de force in that area. Whether this will be downloads or compatibility with discs remains to be seen.
For me, I think this is a great idea! Although with this many hardware devices coming into the retro realm, it does many me think back to a 16bit / 32bit era where multiple platforms were released but just didn’t sell well due to over saturation of the market. With a brand name like Sony though it couldn’t hurt to gamble, right?

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