Intellivision steps up for revival.

Hot off the Heals of the Indiegogo campaign for the Atari VCS Intellivision has put their hand into the ring and attempting to produce something “simple, affordable, family and fun” (their words not mine.).
As the promotion details state “The original Intellivision system generated many ‘firsts’ in the video game industry, including the first 16-bit gaming machine, the first gaming console to offer digital distribution, the first to bring speech/voice to games, the first to license professional sports leagues and organisations and the first to be a dedicated game console and home computer.”
“The new Intellivision system (name TBA) will carry on the company tradition of ‘firsts’ with its new concept, design and approach to gaming.”
The console is set to launch with around 10 games, although by launch no details about when have been released.. come to think of it, neither have the tech specs.. So expect another Android system in a box trading our wallet in for emulated memories.
Ironically the Team behind this one may have a better chance compared to the Atari VCS – and before you think of putting your money down on this I would STRONGLY recommend you do some research on Google into the history of the team backing it. It makes for an ‘interesting’ read.
Speaking of which, Today is the last day Retro Computers Ltd have to deliver their Indiegogo console, the ‘Spectrum Vega+’. Before Indiegogo have no option but to send in the recovery agents..
4000+ backers lost over £500,000 from that campaign, and their sister campaign, the Gemini PDA also looks to be causing further upset with non deliveries too..
Perhaps Indiegogo should look into their T&Cs to be more proactive to the backers side in future rather than let anyone run a campaign without a working prototype..

Chris Thacker

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