Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine gets a re-release on GoG

In what seemed a surprising update by GoG today, it’s come to attention that the 90s classic (1999 to be precise) Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine has been re-released
For those of you too young to remember, or more likely missed this gem the first time around, the Infernal Machine was a third-person action adventure featuring everyone’s favourite hero in a tomb raider style engine full of puzzles and secrets set in 1947, 9 years after the events of last crusade. Players controlled Dr Jones through 17 levels fantastic combat and puzzles with just his trusty whip and fedora to hand.
It’s been a long time since Indy has graced our screens in an original adventure, and while Lego did a great job with their two games, the last original title came from Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings for PS2, Wii, DS, and PSP.
For me, the Infernal Machine was the game that made me discover the Indy games long after the trilogy finished (and before the recent one, that shall not be named) and made me hunt down ‘The Fate of Atlantis’ and previous adventures going way back to the 8bit machines and arcade. So I’m glad this return has been packaged so well by GoG, allowing for a simple install and play than having to go through the effort of trying to get code designed for the mainstream Win95/98 market working on today’s O/S’s.
Right now the game costs just £4.69 from GOG. A true bargain if ever there was one.

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