UPDATED: IGN Writer spotted using ‘Dead Cell’s Review from Boomstick gaming – Outcome obtained

UPDATED: Since this mornings eventful proceedings, IGN have provided the following statement as follows regarding the Dead Cells review, the writer and Boomstick Gaming:
While the writer was a well known Youtuber before employment beckoned at IGN, it’s no excuse that they knowing took material from a small time creator, changed minor wording and spliced this onto an IGN video which would be seen on a major platform by hundreds of thousands of game hungry fans.
This incident raises the question if the rating was indeed valid given the effort made in reviewing, AND further poses the question if the writers previous reviews stand as original works..
Bear in mind Boomstick Gaming in a non-profit reviewer who makes videos about things he loves, who raises the funds to purchase the games, not to keep on-trend but due to a love of the hobby. It’s why we also look to upstanding sites such as IGN to hold the banner high and provide us guidance on the best games to spend our money on, and give credit to the industry when they knock the ball out of the park (which this game DOES deserve the praise it’s receiving).
However when a review goes ‘rogue’ be it for lack of time to produce content, laziness to construct the review him/herself, or just sheer arrogance that the workers at the lower end of the chain will provide the content for those in enviable positions. Then it’s only right that they should be called out..
It’s sad that IGN’s editorial process fell down in this case, but they will rise from it. Similar to others who have been previously caught out taking segments of video content from other low subscriber channels to feed their larger audiences (Since doing this site I have witness 2x high profile UK Retro Youtubers perform this to both UK and US channels).
At the end of the day IGN have made the right decision to appease the masses, short of donating any advertising revenue generated from said article back the original content creator. However it does look like they have a job opening coming up shortly, and for that I hope they ensure a certain name already marked on the list of potential candidates..
Original article below:

Oh IGN, you naughty people! It’s been spotted within the last few hours by Boomstick Gaming that IGN have taken their review for ‘Dead Cells’ and produced one of their video reviews using the entire structure with only minor word changes made.

As of 11:30am IGN have taken down the alleged review citing an investigation is being undertaken to resolve. No matter what occurs, it is clear IGNs editorial process has been compromised and raises the question how much more content are they hosting which has been taken from smaller review sites, without payment or credit.

While the original article has been taken down, you can see the original content Here. of which a further backup has been made should any takedown issues arise. If you check this against Boomsticks original video above… well.. draw your own conclusions as to what happened.
Credit: @deaditeAGK via Twitter
IGN review: Here
Boomstick Gaming Video: Here

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