Hit the Green with New Content Fore Mario Golf: Super Rush

It’s free fore all!

Just when you think you’ve putt your last golf ball, there’s another match to play with brand new content and a new playable character announced for Mario Golf: Super Rush. Revealed by Nintendo and releasing August 5, 2021 for those in North America and August 6, 2021 for those in Europe and Japan, comes a brand new update full of content.

What kind of content you might wonder? Well, we’ve got the summarised list here and plenty of imagery:

  • Ranked Match added as a New gameplay Mode 
  • Toadette added as a New character
  • New Donk City added as a New Course
  • Improved Motion Controls

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Yoshi fans will especially want to check out the new Ranked Match mode as achieving a rank A- or higher will allow them to select their desired colour for Yoshi from the original green, to blue, red and yellow. Additionally, more content updates for Mario Golf: Super Rush can be expected through the rest of the year. 

Source: Nintendo (Twitter)

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