Have Fun with Ayane (New Story Chapter for Fatal Frame)

NINJA GAIDEN and Fatal Frame go hand in hand.

With plenty to look forward to when Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water makes its multiplatform rerelease on October 28, 2021, our highlight has to be a new piece of additional story content that becomes available in the post-game. Just in case three protagonists aren’t enough, a fourth one is available in Ayane, lifted straight from the NINJA GAIDEN series and is fully capable of using her ninja abilities against the ghosts.

Unlock special missions where you can play as Ayane, a character from the NINJA GAIDEN series:

The secret mission Ayane Chapter can be played once all sections of the main story from “First Drop” to “Last Drop” have been completed. The main character Ayane is a Kunoichi from the Hajinmon sect of the Mugen Tenshin clan. In contrast to Yuri and Miu, she is unable to use the Camera Obscura. However, she is able to make full use of her ninja abilities and is adept at working under the cover of night. She can hide from view and avoid the ghosts in order to accomplish her mission. Enjoy a fresh kind of playstyle through this unique chapter.



Are you ready for Ayane’s story? We sure are.

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