[Guide] How to Unlock Super Yoshi and Yoshi Horn in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

In a move that may upset diehard Mario fans, this July saw a new cup added to a Switch Mario Kart game, except instead of being Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, it’s Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit that’s on the receiving end. Thanks to a brand new Version 1.1.0 update, the all-new Mario Cup has been added freely and it gives a good reason for competing in it, as it can reward players with new kart designs and more.

“More?” Yes, “more” so before we tackle how to unlock the new Super Yoshi kart, let’s quickly go over the other things players can unlock, such as three environments and a gate that can be used with course creation, but don’t worry, with these new additions, players can transform their home into a jungle, do their best to swerve between barrels (thanks Donkey Kong) and attempt to avoid oil slicks. Oh, and be careful of the roaring dinosaurs and now onto guide:

How to Unlock the Super Yoshi and Yoshi Horn in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit:

Thankfully, unlocking the new Super Yoshi vehicle and Yoshi Horn item isn’t an overly hard too task to accomplish, as players will need only to finish in the top three placements of the Mario cup.

This means, regardless of whether you’re first, second or third, the new Yoshi themed items can be yours to use as you wish.

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As always, we hope you find this guide helpful.

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