[Guide] How To Obtain The Palamute Monstie In Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin

The Palamute Monstie was introduced into Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin as a free update on July 15th, about a week after it’s first release. However, you weren’t automatically given a Palamute to join your team. Oh no, you have to try and find their eggs in special Palamute Dens and they aren’t so easy to find either.

In this guide, I shall hope to assist you by providing you with tips and helpful advice so you can obtain your very own Palamute Monstie. Please be warned that some spoilers may be present in this guide. They won’t be anything to do with the story but with certain locations that are only accessible later on in the game.

How To Obtain the Palamute Monstie: First and Foremost

So first things first. You won’t be able to actually embark on (Explore) Palamute Den requests until you are nearing the end of the game or post-game. For me, this was upon reaching Lulucion. If you have been storing bottle caps, you will be able to buy Palamute Tickets from the Melynx Inc. Merchants that will allow you to embark on 5* (Explore) Palamute Den requests.

The Three Types of Palamute Tickets

There are three kinds of Palamute tickets and they are as follows:

  • Palamute Ticket (N)
  • Palamute Ticket (R)
  • Palamute Ticket (SR)

The N, R, an SR depict how rare the ticket is. N is Normal, R is Rare, and SR is Super Rare. As I mentioned before, some of these tickets can be bought from Melynx Merchants by using bottle caps. However, they do come at a hefty price. While the Palamute Ticket (N) is only about 8 bottle caps, the Palamute Ticket (R) cost 50 bottle caps each.

There is an important factor to take into account and that is you are not guaranteed a Palamute Egg as you explore the dens. In fact, the less rare the Palamute Ticket, the less chance you have of obtaining a Palamute Monstie. If you do buy any tickets from the Melynx, you are better off not wasting them on Palamute Ticket (N) and go straight for Palamute Ticket (R).

You have bought a Palamute Ticket. What Next?

If you have bitten the bullet and purchased a Palamute Ticket, your next stop is the Quest Board. Go to the board in any village and select Multiplayer. From there, select Co-op quests and then choose either Local or Online. You can then either join a Co-op session into a (Explore) Palamute Den or create your own.

If you join a session, you will not need to use a Palamute Ticket. However, these are really hard to find and are almost impossible to join as there are a lot of other players trying to join in at the same time. You may as well create your own session and have someone join you.

When you have started a session, you will be tasked with slaying a specific monster. There are multiple nest that you can visit and steal eggs from. The Palamute Egg is extremely rare but you will know when you have found one because the egg will have a distinct throwing star pattern on it. Though I am not completely certain, apparently the Palamute Eggs are more likely to appear in the target Monster’s nest. However, it is a safe bet to check the other nests before heading to the Target Monster’s nest just to be thorough.

Another way to get Palamute Tickets?

If you don’t want to pay the extortionate prices of the Melynx Inc. merchants, you will have to beat the game in order to access another way to earn Palamute Tickets. Once the end credits roll and you have saved your game, you can return to it and the head to the Quest Board. Along the newly added quests, there is a particular 8* quest titled Throw me a Bone. This quest requires you to pick up five Monster Bone+ materials and in return you will be rewarded with three Palamute Ticket (R) and a Palamute Ticket (SR). These Monster bones can be found in Tegra Volcano Base in any one of the Monster Bones scattered here. Once you have scoured the Monster bones here, fast travel to the Catavan Stand here and repeat the process until you have all 5 Monster Bone+ materials. Go back to the Quest Board and turn in your Monster Bone+ to get the Palamute Tickets

On top of having this extra quest, you will also be able to take on the 8* Co-op Quest (Explore) Palamute Home as well. These quests apparently have a better chance of netting you a Palamute Monstie Egg.

But Wait, There’s More!

If you thought that was it though, you aren’t finished yet. You may have gotten a Palamute Monstie but there are not just one to obtain. Oh no, there are six. Six different Palamutes to collect, one for every element in the game. That’s right! There is Normal, Fire, Water, Ice, Electric, and Dragon. They each have their own unique coloring too but they all have the Jump and Ivy Climb riding abilities.

If you are happy enough with just the one Palamute Monstie then that’s great. You can have plenty of fun riding around on them and using them in battles against other Monsters and Riders. But… If you are looking to 100% complete the Monstipedia, you will need every single Palamute type.

Thank you for reading this guide. I hope it helps you as you obtain a Palamute Monstie to call your own in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin. I do apologize for not being able to write this guide sooner but as it takes quite some time to actually beat the game, I wanted to be thorough so I could make this guide as accurate as possible.

Until Next Time, Keep On Gaming!

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