[Guide] How To Get The Capsule Toys In No More Heroes 3

The No More Heroes series is well known for its collectibles and No More Heroes 3 is no exception. However, there is a different means in how to get collectible figures in No More Heroes 3 as they are not just found on the floor or in chests. Instead, they are Capsule Toys that are inside Gacha machines but you can’t access these machines right away and you have to fulfil a side quest first.

Side Quest – Sweet and Dangerous Gem Adventure

The side quest you need to fulfil is the Sweet and Dangerous Gem Adventure. It is a “Visual Novel” type side quest where Travis interacts with an NPC and helps them with their troubles. This particular side quest can be started in Neo Osaka in the Thunderdome region. It will require Travis to break rocks and gather Gem stones. He will then have to go to the Call of Battle region to talk with someone there to refine the stones. Upon doing so, return to Neo Osaka and finish this adventure side quest to get a Motel Key. This key will give you access to the Capsule Toys Gacha Machines room next to the Burger Suplex restaurant (Laboratory Shortcut) on the ground floor of the No More Heroes Motel.

Getting Capsule Toys – Gacha Machines

Now that you have the motel key, you can access the Gacha Machines room at the No More Heroes Motel. Inside the room, you can find two Gacha machines right in front of you and another one around the corner in the adjacent room. The three machines have Capsule Toys from three different categories and each have their own pricing. The pricing for each Gacha Machine is as follows:

  • Assassin – 300 UC (UtopiCoins)
  • Alien – 200 WESN (World End Super Nova)
  • Battle Recreation – 1,000 UC

Each collection of Capsule Toys has a different amount of figures in a set. The Assassin set has 33 to collect. The Alien set has 24 and the Battle Recreation set has only 10. Being as so that it is a Gacha system, you will need to make sure you have plenty of UC and WESN in order to complete each set as you are at the mercy of the machines and will make duplicate pulls. As long as you have deep pockets and plenty of patience, you will eventually pull the entire collection.

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