Grim Fandango is now available on Switch

It’s November 2nd – The Day of the Dead, and what a fitting way to celebrate the festival with a great release.. As Grim Fandango has finally released on the Nintendo Switch! Kudos to Double Fine for the great trailer to promote it too!

LucasArts’ Grim Fandango is officially 20 years old now and is a point ‘n’ click classic albeit one with some fiendish puzzles and just out there solutions. Created by Tim Schafer – it’s 4 year story covering the adventures of Manuel Calavera working as a travel agent at the DoD in the land of the Dead who is looking for his meal ticket to get him to his final resting place, but inadvertently finds himself in a deeper tale of espionage, murder, and more as he looks deeper into the situation of one client..
Personally I forget how many times I’ve bought this game, having loaned by original big box edition to a friend who never gave it back (still fuming about that to this day!). However this game if played without a walkthrough and solved through natural deduction is a joy to behold, and while not quiet Monkey Island in the level of humour, it’s certainly one that should be experienced especially for it’s Aztec come Art deco style.
Grim Fandango arrives on Switch as a port of the 2015 remastered edition for a paltry sum of (for £11.49/$14.99) and can be downloaded now.

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