Grandia I and II make the Switch…. To Switch!

Well blow me down! Publisher GungHo has only just gone and announced that Grandia and Grandia II HD Remaster are both heading to Nintendo’s portable powerhouse the Switch.

Getting one of the most respected JRPGs from the misty eyed glory days of the Playstation and Saturn means a hell of a lot, especially when you consider what the original copies currently fetch. A demo of Grandia II HD Remaster will be playable at PAX West 2018, which I hope will make it to the system to give everyone a taste of the epic adventure.

Chris Thacker

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1 thought on “Grandia I and II make the Switch…. To Switch!

  1. I really enjoyed Grandia 2 on Dreamcast so it’s nice to see it’s getting the remaster treatment. It’s not doing much to help the Switch’s reputation as a port machine though! Not that I mind the ports…

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