Grainger Games rushed farewell to employees

Grainger Games’ founder and managing director Stephen Bowyer has been reported from various news sites as sending a rushed and emotional note to stores over the Easter weekend ahead of administrators taking control of the business today.
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“Hi everyone,
Following on from the official comms I would just like to say a massive personal thank you to everyone I’ve been lucky enough to work with in [head office] and stores over the years – incredible, incredible people.

The effort, trust and loyalty, and attitude of everyone I’ve been lucky enough to work closely with will always be the highlight for me personally.
We all built a very competitive little business that gave the big boys a run for their money.
As a team we really didn’t deserve the ongoing decline that has been the gaming market, but you all put up such an amazing fight that we lasted longer than we had any right to.
Amazing teams at [head office] and in the stores that I’m so grateful to have had the chance to spend many happy years working with, there is an awful lot of talent that I’m very sure some lucky business will be picking up.
Not one for quotes but I do like this: Chance made us colleagues but the fun and laughter we shared made us friends.
Thank you all so, so much.
Best of luck to everyone,

Over the weekend Grainger games sent employees an email advising that thw company was unable to secure a sale of the business, and that “unfortunately the business has now ceased to trade due to insolvency, with administrators from RSM Advisory LLP to be appointed on Tuesday 3rd April”.
A separate and very similar message was sent to stores. “As you are now aware, despite significant efforts we have been unable to secure a sale of the business as a growing concern,” it said. “The board are working closely with RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP to maximise the position for our creditors. It is likely the company will now be placed into administration early next week.”

Administrator RSM will send employees official letters this week.

Given Grainger Games hijinx in previous years and a reputation for being the wild child in gaming retail, I feel the loss is surely helping the lame dog known as Game stumble through another year before it’s taken round the back of the old wood shed alongside its masters shotgun..

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