Friday saw the announcement many were expecting if you follow Gaming Magazine sales, as UK video game magazines GamesTM and GamesMaster are set to close after publishing their final issues next month. Future, who publish both magazines, said staff would be “redeployed” at the company.
Given the recent reductions in the amount of print editions sold over the last year, i’d be keen to see how the Publisher expects to keep that amount of staff on, but we’ll see..
GamesTM, launched in 2002 with Imagine Publishing and succeeded in building a loyal fanbase before being bought up alongside Retro Gamer and others by Future. Since then, it’s been continuing to producing high quality content alongside it’s Rival ‘Edge’ also published by Future. For that reason it was only a matter of time until the coffin lid fell.
GamesMaster launched in January 1993, 25 years ago, becoming the veteran games magazine after the poor demise of C&VG, and before that it existed as the HUGELY popular Channel 4 TV show within the UK gathering fans worldwide and still now considered one of the greatest video game shows of all time (and one I so desperately want to have return to our screens!).
Both magazines final issues arrive 1st November, and you can view all of the current support to the magazines affected with the hashtags #gamesmaster and #gamestm on twitter.

Chris Thacker

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