Give your feet some love with Game Boy themed Air Jordans

Everyone’s got a hobby, I personally love video games, collecting, playing, talking about them.. much to the detriment of my better half, where as some people like spotting Eddie Stobart lorries, and I know of one person who just collected boxed Sonic the Hedgehog games for the Megadrive (Only the first one mind!) There are even some people who collect video game trainers.. and if you’re in that niche.. well celebrate as Sneaker Freaks are soon to be releasing a pair of Air Jordans inspired by Nintendo’s Game Boy.
Sneaker Freaks, for a bit of background, specialise in releasing limited run custom pairs of sneakers, and their latest pair, modelled on the original Game Boy using Air Jordan IV’s (ironically also released in 1989 alongside the console) will only have 10 pairs made with a retail price of $1,350.

With the D-Pad and B, A buttons on the rear of the sneaker, and featuring the game box and screen on the tongue, the sneakers scream pure nostalgia even before you seen the cartridge being used as a tag on the side! Super Mario Land seems the idea choice to showcase this pair, although part of me wishes it was the original pack in title ‘Tetris’. Credit to Sneaker Freaks for the images.

Chris Thacker

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