Gameseek goes into liquidation

Online video game shop Gameseek has gone into liquidation as of today, much to the shock of many who have placed pre-orders with the company over the last few months.
Gameseek’s website has been offline for all of this week, with reports emails are returning as “address not found” citing account deletion. Eurogamer have reported emails and calls to CEO Stephen Staley went unanswered at the time of their publication, while The Sun has been contacting many individuals on social media reacting to potential lost orders for comments.
Clues were there during the Bank holiday weekend as the Gameseek marketplace has been offline for the whole of the May Bank Holiday weekend. With their eBay shop has also been shut for the past few days.
Gameseek were a huge games retailer until in 2017 they launched a marketplace and, rather than segregate Gameseeks own stock compared to market place offerings (similar to Game and Amazon), they effectively ran as a merchant themselves, pricing at a competing level to give value to the end user.
Presumably given the company has had a history of selling both hardware and software at a loss (Google the infamous Nintendo Switch £80 discount on launch preorders, or selling the Snes mini for £50), there have been signs and rumours of operating profits not being at the level they should have been. However no-one saw such a rapid close down occurring so soon especially when key new releases are imminent.

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