[Gallery] Shiny Mega Showcase with Pokémon HOME’s Model Viewer

This time last week (June 17, 2021) the mobile version of the Pokémon HOME application received its version 1.4 update. While many were excited about the fact Gigantamax capable Squirtle and Bulbasuar were given away freely in celebration of the update, new features were also added.

One feature of course being the new model feature function and while it is a shame the model viewer has no love for Gigantamax Pokémon currently, it does allow users to get up close and personal with the Mega forms of their Pokémon.

Having recently worked hard these last few months on building up my shiny collection, slowly but surely, this writer is working his way through completing his list of shiny desired Megas and today I feel like sharing my progress so far:

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Got a favourite shiny mega of your own? Let us know! Or, if you feel like learning more about Mega Pokémon in general, why not give this link a click to be taken to a Bulbapedia page all about Mega Pokémon.

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