Final Fantasy XIII now backwards Compatible with Xbox One

Whether you liked them or not, the FF13 trilogy sold very well and lets be honest the 3rd title was the one that wowed audiences with it’s finite time and almost impossible amount of tasks to complete (and was the one title I enjoyed on a repeat visit). So as a result Major Nelson has announced earlier this week FINAL FANTASY XIII, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, & LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII are coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility as of 13th November and will be Xbox One X enhanced, plus the rather excellent Civilization Revolution (already back compatible) is getting enhanced to further shine for Xbox One X
All titles are currently around the sub £10 mark on preowned right now, and more than deserve a second look… even FF13’s first chapter at that price!
For a current list of all backwards compatible titles check out here for details.

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