[Feature] Getting Ready for New Pokémon Snap’s Free Content Update

Snap it Thanos!

Just like how the mad titan snapped half of humanity out of existence in Avengers: Infinity War, clearly someone at Bandai Namco had an Infinity Gauntlet of their own and snapped their fingers, bringing more Pokémon to the New Pokémon Snap’s Lental Region. With a new free content update out next week, we can’t help but smile with delight at the thought of many more photo opportunities that await us and look forward to the 20 new Pokémon said to appear.

In these new areas, you can find 20 more Pokémon that couldn’t be found in existing areas before. If you’re curious what Pokémon you can meet, be on the lookout in-game!

So, as we sit here waiting for what is to come, we thought we’d reshare some information on what players can expect from the free update, whilst sharing imagery associated with the new content and some preview footage of the new courses.

New Pokémon

Secret Side Path: (Day/Night Available)

The NEO-ONE shrinks when you explore this secret side path in the nature park on Florio Island, so the Pokémon you see will look gigantic. You can even hear their breathing and footsteps in this thrilling area, and you might spot other kinds of behavior from Pokémon you’ve seen before!

Mightywide River: (Day/Night Available)

Mightywide River is on Belusylva Island, where a large river flows through a rugged valley. This nurturing water source provides the entire island with sustenance. A variety of Pokémon gather near the river. You’ll be conducting research as you ride down the river, so be on the lookout for rapids as you search for Pokémon, and keep your camera ready so you don’t miss capturing them in action!

Barren Badlands: (Day/Night Available)

In this area, you’ll research the badlands of Voluca Island, where dry winds from the desert blow. This area has many peculiar features, from geysers to poisonous, gas-spewing swamps. Pokémon may be hiding underground or in the rocky cliffs, so keep your eyes peeled for them while you’re on your expedition.

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Are you as excited as we are? Time to dust off the lens off your camera, trainers!

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