Fan mod of Knights of the Old Republic shut down by Lucasfilm

Bad news this week for anyone looking forward to the Fan mod updating Knights of the Old Republic to unreal engine 4, as Lucasfilm has shut down Apeiron, the ambitious recreation of BioWare’s classic role-playing game.

In the twitter post above Poem Studios advises the immediate shutdown of the fan mod, showcasing an image of the letter recieved from Lucasfilm. Within that document Lucasfilm whilst acknowledging Poem Studios dedication to creating a polished and detailed remake, demanded the Studios remove all traces of infringing copyright immediately, and cease all development of the Apeiron reboot as well as “destroy all code and materials related to the project”.
Thus ends the three year project created by the team to update the title with modern graphics and other tweaks which up until now had recieved no comments from the franchise’s rights holder.
According to the Apeiron website, the mod was scheduled to be a free update albeit requiring the cost of purchasing the original 2003 game.
While Apeiron is done for good, Poem Studios isn’t. The team of nine volunteers is already starting work on a new project which will be unveiled to the public soon.

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