Eye of the Beholder coming to C64

38521You know, some of the best dungeon RPGs that I have fond memories of, came from 16bit systems. From the JRPGs on the snes with Secret of Mana, to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and Castle Master on the MegaCD (and not forgetting the excellent Lands of Lore for the PC). It’s a genre that has advanced so far in recent years that sometimes we don’t get the opportunity to revisit the older games and invest those tens of hours once again.
But in this case eye of the beholder may be the one I seriously reconsider this to, as Andreas Larsson recommenced 2 months ago his efforts to port the game over to the C64.. in full!
1Using Easy Flash as the target hardware , efforts have been doubled with 21,000 lines of assembly written so far, and although there is still plenty to do, Music and SFX will be handled by a 3rd party to ensure the C64 still has equally great music and effects.
Personally this is an impressive feat as converting 68000 code to the c64 is one thing, but taking a 1990s size RPG and compressing it into a 1980s computer is sheer madness! If this can be installed on the C64 Mini, this may be the killer game to buy the micro computer this year.

How the original Amiga game looked

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