EA Removes ‘On the House’ programme from Origin

EA has quietly canned the Origin On the House program.
On the House appears to have shut its doors for the final time
Reddit users have noticed the On the House link now redirects to Origin Access, and EA have followed up this weekend to confirm the promotion had been “retired”.
“Origin On the House has been retired and games will no longer be offered through the program,” EA told PC Gamer. “This change won’t affect any games players downloaded from the service prior to that date – those are theirs to keep forever.
“Even though this chapter of ‘On the House’ is coming to an end, we’re happy that we got to introduce so many great games to our awesome players. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our service and give our users an even better experience, and we thank everyone for being part of our community.”
Origin On the House started way back in March 2014, with EA giving away Dead Space, Peggle, Command & Conquer Red Alert 2, Dragon Age Origins, Dungeon Keeper, Mass Effect 2, Battlefield 3 amongst others (although plants verses zombies kept popping back up).
It’s sad to see the promotion go, especially as Origin are tightening up the membership offerings with basic and premium models announced this week. Even though a new ‘old’ title didn’t occur every month, it was a nice idea to enable gamers to reconnect with classic games from the prior decades. Alas with this gone, it’s hard pushed what’s in it for the gamer who doesn’t want to take up another subscription.

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