DOS Box Pure makes vintage PC gaming much easier

For many people, the golden age of PC gaming was the DOS era of the 80s and 90s. Yet sadly with the progress of generations of PC advancement, many titles are incompatible with running on our fancy new machines.

Thank heavens for emulation then, as without the work of many enthusiasts all pining for that unique era of gaming we wouldn’t have DOSBox to help us hark back to our gaming youth. Yet now, not resting on the work they’ve done already, the newly released DOSBox Pure promises an even easier time getting old games up and running, with some rather impressive features.

“After 6 months of quite intense development, DOSBox Pure has been released for public testing. DOSBox Pure is a new fork built for RetroArch/Libretro, aiming for simplicity and ease of use,” indie developer Bernhard Schelling explains.

DOSBox Pure features automatic game detection to serve up custom gamepad and keyboard mappings, which is a potential boon. And of course if offers mouse, keyboard, and joystick emulation for gamepads, in addition to the on-screen keyboard. Add to that on-screen keyboard, support for save states, the ability to rewind your games (think Braid, Blinx, Price of Persia – Sands of Time, to name a few) and the ability to load from .zip files, making your collection both smaller and more organised from the get go.

“This initial release is feature complete as of now for what I wanted to accomplish, yet it is clearly marked as intended for public testing. So try to be constructive and as technical as possible if something doesn’t work as expected, I’ll be thankful,” Schelling also adds.

You can download DOS Box Pure from Github right now via this link. and I thoroughly recommend you do!

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