Doom and Rage now available on Xbox Gamepass

If someone had told me this week Doom and Rage would be on players minds this week, I’d have presumed Retro Computers Ltd had finally released their Vega+ handheld* Ironically since that happened last week (albeit with similar shareware style packaging), what we have here is 2016’s Doom and the original Xbox360 Rage becoming both available via Xbox Games Pass.
Oh look it’s QuakeCon this weekend, that’s a coincidence!
You know all this really needs now is more information on Rage 2 or Doom Eternal and the hype train can move full steam ahead. Hopefully a homage to ‘Hell on Earth’ would be a nice surprise!
*Yes I know I should stop the Vega+ jokes, but like the delivery status it could be a while.

Chris Thacker

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