Digitiser – The Show, Episode 2 (now with added Barry)

It’s Sunday! and that can only mean one thing… (immediate dislikes for shouting Doctor Who, Strictly, or anything that resembles the car crash that is The X Factor)
Yes it’s episode 2 of Digitiser which hits our youtube screens around 9pm on Sunday night. Once again, the team will be lurking in the bowels of the official Discord channel, which you can join right now if you’re so inclined!
After last week it’s great to here from Mr Biffo himself that the channel subs have already passed the 10,000 mark, bringing further visibility to all with a taste for the eccentric mixed with a sizable dash of retro gaming, oh and they now have access to YouTube’s own studios (which is nice!).
This Sunday’s ep features a host of big names. Mr Hairs is back, fresh from the release of his excellent new book, Big Boy Barry is interviewed, and we end with the debut of a brand new game show format – Mockety Moc – which features Ashens and Barry Lewis from Barshens/My Virgin Kitchen, Kim Justice, Nostalgia Nerd, and (controversially) ludicrous internet/wrestling villain Top Hat Gaming Man.
But most importantly keep sharing and letting people know of Digitiser’s return. the more people who watch, prove to the powers that be that there is a way to have more gaming content on TV, and allow for further development into our pastime.
And it’s gotta be better than most panel shows we’ve recieved recently!


Chris Thacker

Author: Chris

Freelance writer, Blogger, Youtuber Chris has dabbled around the industry for many years. having been published in two books, and with over 30+ years knowledge of gaming history, there are many obscure facts tucked away in his brain which have yet to be documented.

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