Did you know the ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ ‘Sugar Rush’ Arcade Game Actually Exists!

I remember when the first film came out, how overjoyed I was to find out that ‘Fix it Felix’ was an actual arcade game to play. More overjoyed when I found out I could play it online too via the Disney website during the films run too! So yeah… naturally I went hunting for the ‘Sugar Rush’ game only to find…. nothing. So.. although I suspected Disney might do something special for it’s sequel, I never expected them to go full on to produce this amazing cabinet….

Just in case you’ve forgotten what the game is, although from the picture it should an easy guess, Sugar Rush is the game where Ralph ends up in his original film, where he comes across Vanellope von Schweetz, who’s supposed to be the main star but gets mysteriously removed from the main games running code aside for some reason (like a old beta asset hidden in a retail release).
The case looks just like a remake of a Namco/Sega racing machine, and from reports I’m seeing, it looks like Disney has commissioned the creation of quiet a few of these machines for both it’s park properties, animation headquarters and selected theatres in the US (hoping one will make it to the UK…) I can see the queues for this being immense if a public one is located, and for once shows Disney is right on the ball with it’s current marketing.
Oh and it’s also featured in the nifty ‘Zero’ music video featuring the track from the movie!

I’ll let you know if  any more information about the game shows up. But.. if you planning on sending one to the UK… I have room Disney *nudge nudge*…
Ralph Breaks the Internet arrives in theatres later this year.

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