[UPDATED] Deltastar release date details – ZX Spectrum Next

UPDATE: it’s been released today (6th July) at time of writing about 100 of the 500 limited editions have gone. So if you’ve got one of the few development kits out there or have gone for the full machine order, better hurry before they all go!
Review will be on site once received!
Over the last couple of days Adrian Cummings, the excellent programmer behind dungeonette, has revealed the launch date of his 2nd(And proposed launch title) game for the ZX Spectrum Next.
Deltastar will be releasing on the 27th July in both digital and physical formats
With an estimated £7.99 digital and £9.99 for the limited edition box version. Only 500 of these will be made so every second counts to bag one!
Head on over to the site to secure your purchase.

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