Crash Issue 100, now up on Kickstarter

At 08:00am 7th September 2018 it started again. If you have ever owned a Spectrum or still have one now, you’ll have sensed the call to arms as the communities biggest and most daring magazine ‘Crash’ released its Kickstarter plan to the public for everyone to get behind.
For a target or £20,000 for a full production run, and at time of writing with just around 675 backers they have already raised £19,055 in under a day, it seems a dead cert this will get the green light for the milestone edition.
If you’ve ever read the magazine before you’ll be aware of the humour distilled into each page, from the ‘Hall of Slime’ to the ‘Adventure Trail’, each of which is back (with the hall already taking it’s full capacity of backers within launch). Roger Kean is back onboard to take the helm once more as the editor and Oli Frey is back in charge of the graphical style of the issue as well as creating a brand new cover in the style of the early issues of Crash.
All the perks are back similar to issue 99 as well, from mugs and t-shirts, through to mouse mats and canvases. So I urge everyone to spread the word on this Kickstarter and lets make it a celebratory issue to remember.
Kickstarter link: Crash 100

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