Classic PlayStation 2 Games Join PlayStation Now Service

The seldom talked about PlayStation Now service’s game library has been expanding quietly in the background, with currently over 600 different titles available on the cloud streaming service. But today, Sony decided to expand the program even further and have added a few PlayStation 2 classics to the mix.
In a new blog post, the company has confirmed that four iconic classics from the PS2 era are now available on the service. Among these are the funny primate-capturing game Ape Escape 2; the arcade style sports title Hot Shots Tennis; the role-playing adventure Dark Cloud 2, from the team at Level-5; and the captivating, mysterious Siren.
These games were originally released as PlayStation 2-to-PlayStation 4 classics quite a while back, but now PS Now subscribers can enjoy them as part of their service, along with other additions for the month.
Hopefully June will start bringing further PS2 releases to the service alongside PS3 and PS4 titles.
While not quiet matching the pace of Xbox’s offering of late, competition is always welcome (nudge, nudge Nintendo….)

Chris Thacker

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