Catherine coming to PC?

Sega really has finally gotten it’s groove back when it comes to marketing! Their new online shops are brilliant, and their marketing has really improved from the last 15 years especially relating to PC ports. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Bayonetta, Vanquish, and the Sonic All Stars series for example which nail their 4K picture quality and bring out everything I love from console gaming to the laptop/desktop (hey I use both!)
So what could fair next? Well how about sheep killing/nightmare/obsessive girlfriend simulator ‘Catherine’ Atlus’s charming puzzle adventure that has you dreading the end of each day, but relishing the puzzles?
Over on the Bayonetta Steam Community page, a cheeky comment has been made by the developers, suggesting that the cult classic could be coming to the PC. It’s amazing really that just a picture of a sheep sticking its tongue out can say a thousand words..
Atlus has been talking about bringing the game back for a long time now, under the name of Catherine: Full Body, which included a new girl to challenge your male character at every turn. Yet with Sega, recently registering trademarks for a ‘Catherine Classic’ adds more credence to the rumour and with sheep being an integral part of the story (no spoilers) this rumour feel more ‘when’ rather than ‘if’.
My personal guess is that Atlus and Sega are lining up the PS4, PC releases for a launch this Summer, however given the recent success Nintendo has had with the Switch and the increased porting seen by Sega, the possibility of a Switch release could easily be one to expect alongside Xbox.
But while your waiting, don’t forget Catherine is currently backwards compatible on Xbox one and still available for PS3, ready for you to take on the challenge. Of course once Atlus/Sega confirms any release information for Catherine. I’ll update as always!

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