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Cannon Fodder was a brilliant and bloody-hard top-down squad-based tactical shooter developed by Sensible Software and originally released for the Amiga in 1993, then ported to a variety of other platforms. Notoriously, it managed to annoy both the Royal British Legion and British tabloid press ( a feat that doesn’t happen too often), who sneered that it was a “shameful” insult to our war dead and a glorification of “war and viciousness”. They even attempted to orchestrate a boycott, which only helped to promote the game further and increase sales.
God I love the 90’s!
The intro to Cannon Fodder was a basically an amusing video slide show of the Sensible boys prancing around in a field somewhere, wearing rented WWII uniforms (of which some of these are now owned by a friend of mine), playing with toy guns, and posing in front of military hardware. But what made it so iconic to so many Amiga, Snes and Megadrive fans was Jon Hare’s and Richard Joseph’s theme song “War Has Never Been So Much Fun”.

This has to be one of my all-time favourite video game intros of all time, coming up alongside the 7th Guest, Night Trap, Theme Hospital and many more of those FMV delights the 90’s seemed to have in abundance.
If you’ve never played Cannon Fodder or aware of this video, then you’re probably either too young or avoiding most of the mainstream media back in the early 90s. Either way, it’s one to revisit and enjoy the sheer brilliance in it’s tiny package.

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