Blimey.. Switch Online only just went and Nerfed the Legend of Zelda

Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers have recieved four new games yesterday, ‘Solomon’s Key’, ‘NES Open Tournament Golf’ and ‘Super Dodge Ball’ which were previously announced, and a surprise drop of the original ‘The Legend of Zelda’ now with added subtitle ‘Living the life of luxury!’
That SP has me worried and not because its a ‘special’ game
Don’t worry, Nintendo haven’t slapped a new moniker on the original. This is a “Special” version of the classic game that takes away a lot of the frustration of the original title by giving you all the equipment, from the Magical Shield, the Blue Ring the White Sword and the Power Bracelet to get past rock obstacles alongside a huge purse of Rupees enabling you to easily purchase items you uncover on your travels and giving you the freedom to explore the world.

So my issue…
I get that we are 30 years down from the original release and with no manual directly to hand (let’s be honest, most people don’t jump to the online ones before play). So Nintendo have tried to lesson the pain of dropping into a huge world with no instruction in game of where to head by giving the key items that will enable them to travel the whole world complete each dungeon from the start.
The problem I have is that early Zelda games, like Mega Man, Castlevania, Metroid etc. have a distinct optimal route which enables you to slowly uncover a story while slowly learning each additional item and it’s usefulness in drip feed, By dropping in the equivalent of these ‘training wheels’ you remove most of the progressive difficulty of the game and enable a way to run direct to the final dungeon for a fast completion, albeit with minimal heart containers (I expect that’ll be DLC). Inexperienced players will find this a relief, even if the game length will be shortened as a result. I just hope this doesn’t become the norm for future titles.

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