Back 4 Blood Cheats

11 October 2021

Back 4 Blood Cheats

Looking for Back 4 Blood cheats on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X & Xbox One? Here we’ll list Back 4 Blood cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Warner Bros. & Turtle Rock’s new survival-horror zombie shooter game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Back 4 Blood codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X & Xbox One versions (where available).

Take a look at the cheats below…

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Back 4 Blood Cheats List

Back 4 Blood Cheat Codes


Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 had lots of developer console cheats available to use freely on the PC version. Let’s hope they make a return in Back 4 Blood. Please test these out on PC, since we’ll be playing the Xbox Series X version.

At the main menu, select “Options”, then “Keyboard/Mouse”. Enable “Allow Developers Console”. During gameplay, press the tilde key on your keyboard “~” to access the console, then input the cheat listed below (one by one).

Effect Code
(Default 750) Sets the maximum range of the smoker’s tongue attack tongue_range <#>
amount of damage you want to do to survivors z_pounce_damage X
Amount of time before a burning Witch dies from fire (does not effect caused by fire) z_witch_burn_time
Change zombie health z_health
Change Zombie speed z_speed
commits suicide kill
commits suicide explode
Disables/enables controllable Boss Infected on any map director_no_human_zombies 0/1
Enables/Disables never ending panics director_panic_forever 0/1
Forces a panic event director_force_panic
Full Ammunition give ammo
Get pistol give pistol
Give Ammo to your primary weapon impulse 101
Give auto shotgun give autoshotgun
give first aid kit give first_aid_kit
give full health give health
give gascan give gascan
give hunting rifle give hunting_rifle
give molotov give molotov
give oxygentank give oxygentank
give pain pills give_pain_pills
give pipe bomb give pipe_bomb
give propanetank give propanetank
give you an MK 47 ( machine gun ) give rifle
give you the SMG z_spawn weapon_SMG
gives bile bomb give vomitjar
gives chainsaw give chainsaw
invincibility god
just like god but you receive damage (sometimes if you are the only survivor left, you can’t receive damage from infected buddha 1
makes your bot teammates shoot nonstop sb_openfire or open_fire (console will tell)
No mob rushes director_no_mobs <1/0>
Play in first person (default), this cheat only necessary if thirdperson mode is enabled firstperson
Removes all bots Ent_Remove
sets probability of infected ceda agents carrying bile jars sv_infected_ceda_vomitjar_probability 0.1
sets speed in noclipping mode (default is 5) sv_noclipspeed #
Sets the amount of damage a Witch’s attack does z_witch_damage <#>
sets the camera to be fixed in place whle in either third person or third person shoulder mode. Enter once to turn on and enter again to turn off thirdperson_mayamode
sets the camera to be in third person mode thirdperson
sets the camera to over the shoulder third person mode thirdpersonshoulder
sets the maximum amount of regular zombies z_common_limit
sets the maximum health of the tank z_tank_health <#>
sets the number of seconds until the player loses control of the tank from not attacking survivors z_frustration_lifetime <#>
sets whether or not bots (and only bots) are allowed to do friendly fire damage sb_friendlyfire <1/0>
Shuts off all wanderers, mobs, specials, and bosses director_stop
spawn 1 zombie z_spawn zombie
spawn a active pipebomb under you boom
spawn a special infected z_spawn <bossname>
spawn a zombie horde z_spawn mob
spawn boomer at location of crosshair z_spawn boomer
spawn hunter at location of crosshair z_spawn hunter
spawn smoker at location of crosshair z_spawn smoker
spawn tank at location of crosshair z_spawn tank
Toggles no clipping mode noclip
True/false setting that allows the witch to change targets instead or focus on the one survivor that alerted her first z_witch_allow_change_victim <1/0>
unlimited ammunition sv_infinite_ammo 1

Back 4 Blood Unlockable DLC Items

How to unlock all current & future DLC Items:

Eventhough future DLC will be paid DLC that’s part of the “Annual Pass”. All players who do not buy these content drops can earn the new Playable Characters and Special Mutated Ridden in PvP Mode, for FREE, through gameplay progression. 😀

Additionally, all PvP players have access to the same cards at the start of each match, regardless of whether those players have bought content drops or not.

Here’s all the unlockable DLC items included with the various editions of the game, including pre-order bonus DLC:

Back 4 Blood: Standard & Deluxe & Ultimate Editions pre-order includes:

  • Fort Hope Elite Weapon Skin Pack: Includes the M4 Carbine Rifle, UZI SMG, 870 Express Shotgun, and RPK LMG.

The $100 Back 4 Blood: Ultimate Edition also includes:

  • Annual Pass: Three upcoming downloadable content drops with new story, playable characters, Special Mutated Ridden, and more.
  • 4 Character Battle Hardened Skin Pack
  • Additional digital in-game items: Rare Banner, Emblem, Spray, Title

Question: Will the game creators be selling individual cards? For example to upgrade weapons with?
Answer: No. Cards will not be available for purchase via any in-game storefront or first-party storefront. We will likely include some cards in post-launch paid content drops, but we are doing so in a way that ensures those drops will not be pay-to-win. We will also release new cards post-launch that everyone can earn and enjoy, whether you’ve bought content drops or not.

Question: The game says we can “earn rewards” and shows off some cool skins. How do we get those? Do we have to buy them?
Answer: Those particular skins you saw can be unlocked through progression. We will at some point, post-launch, have a cosmetics-only shop. These items have no gameplay associated with them, so there won’t be any pay-to-win scenarios. These items are 100% opt-in and are only for looks.

Question: What if I don’t want to build a card deck?
Answer: There will be pre-made decks you can use to fit your playstyle but we hope you give the deck building a shot when the game is out. It’s really fun to create your own and try out different cards!

Back 4 Blood Tips and Tricks

Question: What kind of game is Back 4 Blood?
Answer: Back 4 Blood is a cooperative first-person shooter, zombie horror game with a heavy emphasis on multiplayer and replayability.

Question: Is an internet connection required to play Back 4 Blood?
Answer: Yes, an internet connection is required to play all modes in Back 4 Blood.

Question: What kind of multiplayer modes will Back 4 Blood have?
Answer: Back 4 Blood will support up to four players in online cooperative modes and eight players in PvP (player versus player) Swarm mode.

Question: Can I play Back 4 Blood solo?
Answer: Yes, the Back 4 Blood campaign can be played solo with three A.I. teammates and includes online drop-in and drop-out co-op with up to three friends. Please note, an internet connection is still required to play Back 4 Blood solo.

Question: What is the story in Back 4 Blood?
Answer: The Back 4 Blood story takes place after a catastrophic outbreak where most of humanity has either been killed or infected. Hardened by the unspeakable events and emboldened to fight for humanity, a group of veterans of the apocalypse called the Cleaners have rallied together to take on the parasite-infected horrors known as the Ridden to take back what is left in the world.

Here’s 5 things you want to know about Back 4 Blood before diving in!

Back 4 Blood – 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Start

Up next is everything you need to know to get started in Back 4 Blood in this Back 4 Blood Beginner’s Guide. Don’t miss out on the action! Find out how to play.

Back 4 Blood – Beginner’s Guide – How to Play & What to Know

Here’s a Back 4 Blood guide put together to help you with 13 tips & tricks that new players can immediately use to play better and understand the game’s gameplay mechanics more.

Back 4 Blood – Tips & Tricks to Instantly Play Better

There are no Back 4 Blood cheats on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 & PC yet. So until they are discovered, we made the handy Back 4 Blood guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

Do you know of any Back 4 Blood cheats or unlockables? Let us know in the comments, you’ll get credit for finding out. – Thanks for visiting!

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