Atari Flashback Classics coming to Switch

This Christmas, Atari appears to be looking for a way to get back into your lives once more, having already seen the VCS campaign pull in a huge number of backers it looks like the Atari classics are also coming back over to Switch having already been pushed on PS4 and Xbox this year.atari-flashback-2
The Atari Flashback Switch collection contains over 150 classic titles from the Atari 2600 and Atari 5200, Walmart’s retail website currently states a release date is expected for November 8 for a reasonable sum of $39.99. So at less that 26 cents a game this is a fantastic chance for anyone interested in the early generations of gaming to truly get a glimpse in to fledgling genres as they first entered pop culture.
Online multiplayer support has been mentioned for a number of titles, as we as the usual leaderboard fair, so you budding high scorers can practice for those Twin Galaxies records.

Author: chris

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