Amiga 500 case Kickstarter – Just 24hrs to go…

As I write this, there is just 24hrs left to back the Amiga 500 replacement case Kickstarter to help the guys at achieve their goal of creating new cases for the Amiga 500.
The campaign, currently sitting at 91% is currently short of $13,400 of it’s fixed goal to enable production to commence (having already raised $141,638).
So why should you back it? Well the team behind this case are also the same guys behind the previously released A1200 replacement cases, that were not just excellent but also enhanced to take advantages in expansion cards, FGPA devices, and even raspberry pi installations.
Personally after already backing that campaign and the previous keyset campaign, this one is a no-brainer and if you still own your Amiga, don’t you deserve to give it a little treat…
Website: Kickstarter

Chris Thacker

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