Alex Kidd in Miracle World remake in development

Alex Kidd, Sega long forgotten mascot from the late 80’s has had it rough of late. Not quiet Wonder Boy to gather a refresh on the newer gen consoles, and known for it’s rock, paper, scissors combat, it seemed we would never get a chance to see Alex get that spit ‘n’ polish he deserved.
DffhTyKXkAAGHWHYet here are @Narehop and @josyanf1 working in their own time producing said gorgeous remake of miracle world for modern systems!
Details are scarce at the moment on current status of progress, but the team assure they will be completing as quickly as they can without losing quality or the feeling of the original source material.
Follow @narehop and @Josyanf1 to keep up to date on their progress for what looks like a Christmas treat!

Chris Thacker

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