The SNES Omnibus: The Super Nintendo and Its Games, Vol. 1 (A-M)

You know I’ve always been impressed by the dedication some writers have to covering our console heritage, and Brett Weiss is no exception, having already released out the first part of the complete guide to the Super Nintendo and it’s game releases in the US, fans can now take a peek at the detailed write-ups for more than 350 games, plus 2,000 full-color images, including box art, cartridges, screenshots, and vintage gaming ads.

“The pages really pop,” Weiss says. “I’m proud of the layout that Schiffer and company have designed. It’s old-school but with modern sensibilities. Clean and uncluttered, but colorful.”

In addition to Weiss’s write-ups for each game, The SNES Omnibus features nostalgic stories by a number of prominent gaming professionals, including Blake J. Harris (author of Console Wars), Kurt Kalata (Hardcore Gaming 101), Tim Lapetino (author of Art of Atari), Shawn Long (RGT 85 on YouTube), Brittney Brombacher (, Eric “8-Bit Eric” Perez (YouTuber), Christopher “The Old Ass Retro Gamer” Pico (YouTuber), Benjamin Reeves (senior editor for Game Informer), John Riggs (RIGG’d Games on YouTube), David Warhol (one of the original Mattel Intellivision “Blue Sky Rangers”), Steve Woita (longtime programmer for Atari 2600, Genesis, etc.), and too many others to list.

“I’m super excited that so many noteworthy gamers, authors, YouTubers, and historians signed on to contribute wonderfully nostalgic stories for my book,” Weiss said. “I’m humbled and honored beyond belief.”

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The SNES Omnibus is a large (9×12), full color, hardcover coffee table book weighing in at 416 pages. $49.99. The book is available now here and with other well known online retailers.