C64 games surface on the Internet Archive

So in just a week after The Internet Archive dropped the bomb on the support for classic arcade emulation and made several titles available for play. It appears the C64 is getting the next emulation treatment with even more titles available to play right now through the site.

Here’s the tweet that announced their progress:


The Internet Archive have already tested over 10k of the C64 software of their site, and are continuing to test the remainder. So now has never been a better time to revisit a classic 8bit era long omitted from history thanks to the Nintendo/Sega console dominance in North America, and gives a glimpse into what was happening in European shores.

I personally hope that the Spectrum and Amstrad computers are tackled next. As there are amazing exclusives on both formats that need to be preserved and revisited.

Click here to see the current archive and enjoy!