Luigi’s Mansion 3 announced for Switch

I know it’s not really retro.. but hey I bloody love these games! running off the recent announcement that Luigi’s Mansion, the original which helped launch the GameCube is being ported to the 3DS, I doubt anyone expected Nintendo to pull this out of the hat!


I really wish I could say more on the game, but details are thin on the ground right now outside of clips of ghost catching in the garage, and clues to the mansion being a multifloored experience akin to a hotel which Luigi and Mario have been invited to stay (with Mario missing again). there are four portraits in the lobby above Luigi’s head in the trailer which may indicate a potential for character switching, but again that’s pure speculation at this point. Either way Luigi’s Mansions 3 arrives in 2019 with the 3ds original game release out for Halloween, and both can’t come soon enough!