Holy sh*t did they just announce Alan Wake…

Yeah you heard that right! Remedy and Peter Galloway (Legion, Cloak and Dagger) have just announced a few hours ago that an Alan Wake TV show is in the works. Essentially taking the work that was produced for Alan Wake 2 and continuing the horror writers journey, the announcement made by variety advises that development is in its early stages

Personally I’m very excited for this, since the story was more a developed tv show series crammed into a game for its initial release and dlc, hopefully whichever network takes this on will give it the ‘stranger things’ budget it deserves!


3 thoughts on “Holy sh*t did they just announce Alan Wake…

  1. Oh no, another game I need to add onto my backlog! I bought Alan Wake years ago, but with any new media for the series seeming unlikely, I assumed I’d never play it. Guess I was wrong!

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